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As craftsmen of the centuries old arts of bladesmithing and making knives, we understand the value of working together to improve our skills.


The Arkansas Knifemakers Association brings together the finest craftsmen in the region and provides the opportunity for enthusiasts to discover and admire their work. We have members from surrounding states and anyone is eligible to join us. Please take a few minutes to browse our website so you, too, can discover the art of knifemaking in Arkansas.


Many Arkansas makers belong to international organizations such as The Knifemakers' Guild and the American Bladesmith Society. Additionally, they participate in their state organizations giving generously of their time and talents.


We are proud to say that Arkansas knifemakers teach at various events, donate knives to worthy causes, mentor, and promote the art all over the state and nation. These members uphold the highest standards in their business practices and their craft.


Contact us with suggestions, adding, removing, or changing your information, what you like or don't like, and how we can make your site more user friendly. Join us as we strive to further knifemaking in Arkansas and around the world.


Thank you from the AKA members.


Arkansas Custom Knife Show

February 21-22, 2015

2014 Arkansas

Custom Knife Show


First Show -

January 18, 1992


20th Annual

Welcome Enthusiasts and Craftsmen!


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